01 May 20

TECH TIPS - Cloning an access control system

Did you know that your access control system could potentially be breached by an easily sourced piece of kit or a high street service costing less than £10?

By Pete England

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Unfortunately, it’s become easier and cheaper than ever before to defeat access control systems deployed without end-to-end security technology. Historically the contactless RFID proximity ID devices (cards or tokens), common in most access control systems, have used 125/153 kHz unencrypted technology. These ID devices can easily be duplicated by products or services that are readily available on the market. These products can read the unencrypted card and create a clone version within seconds, thereby creating the potential for non-authorised personnel to enter the premises.

For systems utilising this older technology, the only way to protect against this threat has been to utilise multi-mode authentications, such as a PIN and Card reader that requires an ID device in addition to a user specific PIN code. This solution is still valid with the right access control readers, providing best practices on keyholder management are deployed.

However, the solution for a more secure access control system that prevents ID devices being cloned is through the deployment of the latest encrypted devices.

PAC has high security access control solutions suitable for a new install that can support a wide range of user friendly ID Devices including Card, Token and Smartphone formats. These comply to industry accepted encryption standards which means that cloning of these ID devices is not possible. We also have experience of supporting upgrade projects for existing access control systems to the latest high security standards. 

With cyber attacks in the news on a regular basis it is important that our customers also have access to the best physical security solutions, as a breach at the physical premises carries just as much risk as a cyber security breach. Security threats to older access control systems using unencrypted ID Devices has never been easier, with widespread availability of products and services to clone ID Devices. However, the solution to stop this impacting your business or premises is also readily available and we at PAC are here to help.

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Pete England

Global Product Manager, PAC & GDX