13 Jul 20

The PAC Residential Cloud: offering control and flexibility, no matter the location

Although the security industry was originally slow to recognise the advantages of the cloud, mainly due to concerns about data protection, that has changed and it’s now one of the fastest growing segments of IT spend. 

I’m Andy Burton and I’d like to explain the benefits of our PAC Residential Cloud access control solution which offers levels of flexible remote monitoring that are more essential now than ever before.



At PAC we’ve always strived to deliver innovative access control solutions and our PAC Residential Cloud has kept on top of the latest developments and trends. With the PAC Residential Cloud, organisations can manage their access control systems across a large portfolio of properties remotely - on any device, from any location.

For instance, tokens can be issued, usage can be monitored and diagnostics carried out, remotely via a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop. Managment companies are no longer dependent on a single central office to control access to their buildings. If for any reason (such as a global pandemic!), staff cannot access their workplace, PAC Residential Cloud enables them to continue operating from another location, with data backed-up and secured in the cloud. This also makes the solution scalable not just to multiple sites – but nationally.

Benefits for installers, end-users and residents

Installers benefit from their own unique login credentials, giving them a self-sufficient operation where they can commission systems without relying on a central office to set-up for them. This also removes the constraint of office hours. Additionally, servicing and diagnostics can all be completed remotely.

There is also a web browser version for end-users, which gives them the functionality needed to unlock doors, add tokens, and deactivate missing devices. For residents, the ability to have key fobs added and removed remotely reduces the need to travel to specific offices.

The security of premises is improved using the PAC Residential Cloud, with live event logs able to pinpoint unauthorised access to a property for the authorities to follow-up. Access can also be granted on a one-off basis to authorised visitors who may need to carry out maintenance or make special deliveries. For vulnerable tenants, a lack of key fob usage could indicate an issue and can be flagged by the system for welfare checks on the resident involved. In extreme circumstances, doors can be opened remotely for emergency services.

Keeping things flexible

PAC Residential Cloud uses several different types of connection including GSM, GPRS and Direct to IP (via VPN). This gives greater flexibility over the connection used, enabling organisations to bring more traditional systems (like GSM) onto a modern cloud platform.

To get started with PAC Residential Cloud, there is an initial 3-year contract to begin with and then a rolling yearly contract thereafter. Importantly this gives clients ownership of their access control database. If they then choose to switch solutions, the database doesn’t have to be started from scratch again.

In action: Blackpool Coastal Housing

When Blackpool Coastal Housing wanted to upgrade its existing system for 80 residential blocks, it turned to the PAC Residential Cloud for a remote monitoring platform using GPRS. This provided an enhanced service compared to traditional landline connections and made the administration of the system more flexible. Plus, access control data is automatically backed-up in the cloud.

Entry and exit doors to each block are now remotely monitored, with a programmable auxiliary input used for alarm system integration. Tokens can be quickly added, authorised, and deactivated by staff on any device (subject to the correct login credentials) and equipment failure is automatically flagged on the system for immediate follow-up. The Blackpool Coastal Housing team can also access information about the system, such as remote diagnostics, technical issues and servicing needs, as well as status and event logs.

Blackpool Coastal Housing now has a scalable and flexible system with a remote monioring operation that can be continuously refined and is futureproofed.


Discover how the PAC Residential Cloud can improve your access control operations. Get in touch with us now to discuss your unique requirements.