14 Sep 20

PAC and GDX: Made in the UK (and how you benefit)

As we enter the final negotiating phases of the UK’s withdrawal from EU membership, and the uncertainty around what any FTA is going to look like, business continuity, costs, and supply chains are front-of-mind for many leaders. Many are looking at local options to mitigate risk and secure output. This is something I feel passionate about and it’s a timely topic to discuss while we navigate the UK’s future outside of the EU.

In my new role as the VP of Sales Europe for PAC & GDX and 3xLOGIC, I’ll be regularly updating you on the latest thinking and trends in the sector.

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Our Exeter plant

PAC & GDX are proud to be manufactured in the UK. Our Exeter plant was recently upgraded with a new state-of-the-art production line (which has boosted throughput by 70%) and it underpins our commitment to the UK. It’s the ideal complement to our combined 70+ years of experience at the forefront of the access control and door entry sector.

The Exeter plant is driven by innovation, it’s open to new ideas and executes them with a great quality record. This means the PAC & GDX range of access control readers, controllers, door entry panels, handsets, and software is constantly being developed and improved for customers. We’ve also refreshed the building and facilities at the plant, to provide the optimum environment to design and build the PAC & GDX product ranges.


Reducing supply chain risks

Furthermore, investing in locally made products can decrease the supply chain risks linked to changing circumstances, economic volatility, and political turmoil. Back in 2016, Brexit took the markets by surprise, and the Pound fell 20% overnight vs the US Dollar and the costs of importing material into the UK rose sharply immediately.   We also saw rapid currency fluctuations earlier this year as the effect of COVID-19 on industry created volatility in the confidence based markets. Having a local manufacturer can lessen the consequences of sudden market events and political changes and, depending on the UK & EU’s future relationship, it could also reduce ongoing customs and import costs, as well as the likelihood of longer shipping times.

Indeed, having a local supplier can help your ‘just in time’ supply chain. With the Exeter plant, PAC & GDX are able to get more quality products to customers in a shorter timeframe - reducing the storage needed for products because you can keep your stock levels relatively low - with the reassurance that you can get deliveries quickly if needed.


High standards

Standards are also important to PAC & GDX and the Exeter plant adheres to ISO 9001:2015 for Quality, OHSAS 18001:2007 for Health and Safety, and ISO45001:2018 for Environmental management. In particular, it is a ‘Zero to Landfill’ site, which ensures all waste products are reused in some capacity. Not only is this a more sustainable way of manufacturing that can help you meet sustainability goals, but it can also be more cost-efficient and highlights your commitment to the environment.

Quality at the Exeter plant is already at industry-leading levels, however, this is set to improve further as we invest in state-of-the-art 3D Advanced Optical Inspection (AOI) technology. This will enable faster quality verification and permit easy changes to production.


There are many reasons to invest in a ‘Made in the UK’ solution. From national pride and giving back to local communities, to improving the resilience of your supply chain in the face of ongoing uncertainty. With PAC & GDX products, you can rest assured that our quality access control and door entry products will continue to be with you when you need them because of our local roots.


Steve Riley

VP Sales Europe