15 Sep 20

NEW PAC I/O Controllers that deliver advanced security and building management functionality

We’re now seeing more buildings being gradually reopened to occupants and, as a result, users are asking for the functionality of their access control systems to be extended.

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In response to that, PAC’s 520 Input Controller and 530 Output Controller have been designed to make it both easy and cost effective to add in new security and building management functions, such as:

  • Lift control
  • Proactive Alarm Monitoring and alerts
  • Driving pre-determined actions based on events
  • Set-up of remote or on-site alarms
  • Set up of sounders
  • Deployment of Security Shutters
  • Integration with CCTV presets
  • among others …


The PAC I/O Controllers provide actions based on flexible event-driven rules which are set up, configured and managed within the PAC Access Central management platform.


By way of an example, Lift control, can be used to give occupants access to only those floors they are permitted and safe to use. Supported by the new Lift Control menu within Access Central, the accessible floors are enabled within the lift buttons when the occupant’s proximity PAC ID is presented to the PAC reader at the lift. The additional security this solution provides is becoming more critical in multi-tenanted commercial or residential buildings.


And in business premises building and security managers are looking closely at ways of keeping occupants safe and compliant with new measures that govern social distancing and minimise unnecessary contact and our new I/O Controllers make it simple to add in new, event-based functions that automate key processes and make the use of a building safe for its users.


Key benefits over the previous generation of PAC I/O Controllers is that the latest I/O Controllers are now directly driven by the PAC 512 DC and DCi Access Controllers – which removes the need and additional cost of a PAC 500 Controller to access the input and output functionality.


If you’d like to see what added benefits these new I/O Controllers can provide – please visit https://pacgdx.com/products/pac-access-control/io-controllers



Pete England

Global Product Manager