08 Dec 20

Mobile Credentials: for seamless access and safer entry and exit

From commercial properties to residential buildings, everyone is looking for a safer way to enter and exit a building. Recent events have highlighted the need for innovative access control solutions that reduce cross-infection, improve safety, and offer a seamless premises experience.

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My name is Sam Flowers, and I am a sales manager for London and the South region and in this blog I explain how ‘Mobile Credentials’ ticks all these boxes. It allows building managers to offer a touch-free access control option, that can be used alongside a physical RFID key if needed.


Introducing Mobile Credentials

Through Mobile Credentials, occupants can choose whether to use a physical key to access a building or to use their smartphone. There are several options, including Card mode, Remote mode, Tap tap mode, and Hands-free mode. If desired, an occupant can access a property without having to touch a keypad or even remove their phone from their pocket. The door will simply unlock when the authorised phone is within a certain proximity or a user taps their smartphone screen. For properties with automatic doors, an individual won’t have to touch a single building surface to enter and exit.


Many options

Different access control options can also be set for different doors and gates. For instance, a vehicle gate may open with proximity, but a door may require a user to tap a digital button on their phone screen.

The proximity required can also be set by a building manager. Typically, a physical key will only work up to 60mm. Unlocking via Mobile Credentials gives you a range from 60mm to 20m.

Alongside Mobile Credentials, users get a free mobile app to control their access options and building managers can access an online platform to add and remove users. This comes with free annual licensing charges for the portal.

Greater oversight

Mobile Credentials also integrates with the wider PAC system to give greater oversight on who is entering and exiting a building. This information is vital for security and crime prevention - and now, public health measures.



Of course, it is because of the coronavirus pandemic that hands-free access has become a priority. Luckily, because the Mobile Credentials-enabled reader range is completely scalable and modular, it enables building managers to futureproof their access control against future trends and potentially unforeseen events. They can upgrade their existing systems, without a disruptive, expensive replacement process. Depending on future needs, they could even migrate the access control system to solely use Mobile Credentials.


Durable and secure

The readers are also IK10 and IP65 certified - so they are protected against dust and water ingress as well as intentional impacts and damage. Many access control devices are vandalised or targeted for break-ins. This provides additional robustness (and peace-of-mind). Plus, there’s a lifetime guarantee for manufacturer faults.

Moreover, for further reassurance, the readers feature fully certified end-to-end security with the French ANNSI Certification. This is the highest level of security parameters in the industry.


Fit for today

Today’s challenges require up-to-date solutions. By using Mobile Credentials, building managers can provide users with different ways to unlock a property, including completely hands-free. Simultaneously, managers gain greater robustness, security, and futureproofing. It’s a win-win for everyone - and long overdue for the current times.


Discover more about PAC’s Mobile Credentials range and how it can improve your access control. Speak to our experts today.