01 Apr 20

FREE Live Training Sessions

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PAC, GDX and sister company 3xLOGIC hosted weekly live training sessions free of charge.

This series of live training sessions have finished. You can watch all these training sessions in our Recorded Live Training Series playlist

Alternatively, you can watch the individual videos we have listed in this article.


GSM/GPRS Signal Strength Survey

This tutorial explains…

  • The factors which affect GSM and GPRS radio signals
  • What to look for when surveying a site, or troubleshooting an existing site
  • How to use an RF signal strength meter to determine the best aerial location
  • Issues surrounding aerial cable length
  • Best installation practice for GSM/GPRS systems


PAC 512 Controller IP Configuration

This tutorial explains and demonstrates…

  • How to perform network configuration on PAC 512DCi and PAC 512IP door controllers
  • How to configure an IP communications channel in PAC Access Central, SecureNet and EasiNet Residential software
  • How to test the network connectivity between the PAC server and the PAC door controller
  • Issues relating to IP communications across LANs/WANs, and methods of overcoming these


PAC 512 Controller Replacement

This tutorial explains and demonstrates…

    • How to re-establish communications with a new replacement PAC door controller
    • The steps required when replacing a PAC 512DCi or PAC 512IP controller
    • The steps required when replacing a controller connected via a modem


PAC 512 Controller Wiring Connection

This tutorial demonstrates connection of the following for PAC 512DC and PAC 512 controllers…

    • PAC readers
    • Request To Exit switches
    • Door contacts
    • Alarm input devices
    • Locks – both fail open and fail closed devices
    • Emergency override input devices
    • RS485 data bus


Access Central / SecureNet fundamental system configuration

This tutorial demonstrates the basic steps required to configure PAC access control software…

  • Area configuration
  • Door configuration
  • Access Group configuration, including when to use Time Profiles


Access Central – Event To Action

This tutorial demonstrates the latest functionality available through PAC Access Central…

  • What is Event To Action?
  • What features are available through Event To Action
  • How to configure Event To Action


Alarm Configuration in Access Central

This tutorial demonstrates how to configure PAC hardware and software to enable alarm functionality in Access Central…

    • Alarm Viewer overview
    • Configuring Input / Output on PAC 512 controllers
    • Configuring alarm points in Alarm Viewer
    • Configuring interactive maps in Alarm Viewer


CCTV Integration in Access Central

This tutorial demonstrates how to configure CCTV in Access Central…

    • CCTV systems supported in Access Central
    • Configuring cameras
    • Configuring alarm points to PTZ pre-sets
    • Viewing CCTV in alarm Viewer