26 May 20

Electronic Security Fundamentals

Joe, our technical trainer at PAC & GDX, hosted a live series of Electronic Security Fundamentals.

These sessions will last 15-30 minutes and are hosted by our industry experts to provide you with useful information and handy hints and tips. 



The Electronic Security Fundamentals event has now finished.

You can watch all of the live sessions on our YouTube channel, click below.




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Lock Suppression

This tutorial examines the problems caused by Back EMF in
electromagnetic locks, and the methods for suppressing them...

  • What is a Back EMF?
  • How does a diode suppress a Back EMF?
  • Why do electric locks / doors stick in access control?
  • What is the function of the MOV in overcoming these problems?
  • What is the correct wiring configuration for PAC door controllers?

 Thursday 28th May

Functional Earthing in Electronic Security systems

This tutorial explains the need for Functional Earthing in electronic
security systems control equipment…

  • How does Functional earthing differ from Protective earthing?
  • What is the purpose of this earth circuit?
  • What are the possible consequences of not having a Functional earth?
  • How is the Functional earth configured in PAC and GDX control hardware?


Thursday 11th June

Network Essentials – How do IP addresses work?

This tutorial explains how IPV4 addresses function…

  • >What information is carried in an IP address?
  • What is the difference between IPV4 and IPV6?
  • IP Classes explained.


Thursday 18th June

Network Essentials – What is a Subnet Mask?

This tutorial explains the function of the subnet mask on an IPV4 network…

  • What is the function of a subnet mask?
  • How do routers and network cards use the subnet mask to
    determine the network address?
  • What is a ‘Classless’ network?


Thursday 25th June 

Network Essentials – What is a Default Gateway?

This tutorial explains the functions of a gateway router…

  • What is the main function of the gateway with respect to electronic security equipment?
  • What other functions might the gateway router perform?
  • How do I determine the default gateway IP address for an IP security device?
  • How do I configure a PAC 512IP door controller where there is no gateway?


Thursday 2nd July

Network Essentials – Configuring network devices

This tutorial provides some useful tips for configuring IP devices…

  • Finding the default gateway.
  • Identifying network speed issues.
  • Determining the network path between devices.
  • Bespoke Apps / Browsers to configure devices.


Thursday 9th July

RS 485 Data bus theory and practice

This tutorial explains the theoretical aspects of data bus topology,
and correct installation practice…

  • network topology, signal reflections, and noise immunity.
  • Compare 2, 3 and 4 wire topologies.
  • Need for End Of Line termination.
  • Node addresses and polling.


Thursday 16th July

Power supplies – Testing and troubleshooting

This tutorial describes common power supply types used in electronic
security systems, and offers some helpful tips on identifying system
issues caused by power supplies…

  • Why Switched Mode Power Supplies (SMPS)?
  • Nominal input and output voltages.
  • Effects of switching signal components on electronic systems.
  • Function of lead/acid batteries in voltage stabilisation / noise filtering.
  • Voltage and current testing.


Thursday 23rd July