PAC's SecureNet is an integrated security software solution that is reliable, scalable and can be adapted to suit every access control installation be it a single site business or a global organisation.

Easily configured to operate on a standalone PC or across a corporate network, PAC SecureNet displays detailed, real time events information including alarms as they occur across the facility. With the ability to monitor alarm points, control elevators, manage fire doors or even control IP based CCTV cameras, PAC SecureNet is a seamlessly integrated solution providing unprecedented ease of management with a centralised system-wide access.  PAC SecureNet has been designed for use with our 500 series controllers and allows integration for our legacy PAC 2100 and PAC 2200 controllers. PAC SecureNet also now provides full integration for PAC's EL SDH and our new Browser Interface.


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SecureNet Lite Edition

Part Number: 21922

PAC SecureNet Lite includes the following features:
• 5,000 Keyholders, 128 Doors
• EL SDH integration and PAC 64bit support
• GPRS and GSM support
• 2 Client PC's and Browser Interface
• and many more…

SecureNet Standard Edition

Part Number: 21923

PAC SecureNet Standard includes all the features in Lite plus:
• 25,000 Keyholders, 250 Doors
• PAC 500 Alarm Server Support
• Event to Action Manager
• 2 Alarm Work Stations
• and many more…

SecureNet Advanced Edition

Part Number: 21924

PAC SecureNet Advanced includes all the features in Standard plus:
• 50,000 Keyholders, 750 Doors
• Remote Event to Action
• CCTV integration Support
• PAC 2100/2200 Support
• and many more…

SecureNet Professional

Part Number: 21925

PAC SecureNet Professional includes all the features in Advanced plus:
• 75,000 Keyholders, 2,000 Doors
• 100 Muster points
• 750 Dial up Channels
• Lift/Elevator Support
• and many more…

SecureNet Upgrade License

Part Number: 13122

• SecureNet Software License upgrade - per edition

Additional Client PC Upgrade

Part Number: 52910

• Additional Client PC upgrade

PAC Oneprox™ GS3-MT Admin Kit

Part Number: 20115

• Administration Kit for adding credentials in to PAC SecureNet or EasiNet Residential Software
• Includes USB cable for connecting to the PC and software CD with all relevant drivers
• The MT reader has been designed to read PAC, STANLEY, KeyPAC, PAC Ops, MIFARE and DESFire EV1 plus many Wiegand credentials
• If using a Magnetic stripe reader or other 3rd part Wiegand reader, connections are provided on the rear of the reader
• The Admin Reader can also be used for connecting a PAC 512 or PAC 2000 series controller to the PC
NOTE: If using to connect to a PAC 512 series or PAC 512 Controller additional line driver will be required.

Pre-loaded PC with SecureNet

Part Number: 40402

• Dell Optiplex 3020m Micro PC, Intel Dual Core 2.8Ghz 3Mb w/HD Graphics
• Windows 8.1 pre-loaded with PAC SecureNet software
• 500Gb 2.5" Serial ADA (7

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