31 Mar 21

Withdrawal of PAC Easikey 250 to allow for new innovations



PAC are withdrawing the Easikey 250 product and the following part numbers will not be available to order from 30th June 2021.

Part No Description
909022370 Unboxed Easikey 250 Controller
909022275 Boxed Easikey 250 Controller
909022277 Boxed Easikey 250 Controller with cut-out
906011240 Easikey Power Supply - 3 Amp

Please note that all warranties on existing Easikey 250 controllers will be supported. Technical support for the Easikey 250 controllers will continue until 30th June 2026.


This withdrawal follows our regular product and services review where we assess the technological viability of a product and whether it upholds to the latest standards and regulations required of security equipment.


There are alternative PAC access control solutions that can be utilised for any customer migrations required. We offer free consultation on upgrading from existing to current PAC products that meet the latest security standards and regulations. For more details on the recommended upgrade path:

please refer to this table


Alternatively, you can also contact our Customer Services team on +44 (0) 161 406 3400 (opt.1) or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Looking to the future

PAC are investing in an ongoing roadmap to deliver Access Control solutions that meet the evolving needs of the market. Bringing new innovative products to market from Smartphone ID’s to people safety features like Occupancy management. We remain focussed on delivering reliable and robust access control hardware on site that expands simply and cost-effectively into building control, enhanced security, CCTV video verification and remote monitoring. Exciting new products and features are on their way to empower our customers to have the best security and safety solutions with energy efficiency and sustainability at their heart.