10 Aug 15

Hardware\Software Change Notice - iEVO Dongle Version 1.0 July 2015

PAC Part Number: 40371

With immediate effect Stanley Security Products will no longer be supplying the iEvo Dongle used in conjunction with the iEVO administration reader, if an existing reader\ dongle fails then the software will need to be upgraded to v4.6.x which we have modified to work without a dongle. For all new installations to be compatible with the new hardware configuration, PAC SecureNet v4.6.x or later must be used.

Interface Modifications

For the administrator reader to work successfully without the dongle the administration reader must be assigned to either a dedicated iEvo Network Decoder or can be assigned to an existing Network decoder already installed.

The PAC SecureNet interface has been modified with a new drop down box highlighted in red as shown below in the Configure Peripherals selection in PAC SecureNet.

Note: That if you use an existing Network Decoder it will be offline whilst editing prints.

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