26 Sep 17

New PAC8 app-managed controller big in features but small in size


A specialist in reliable and versatile access-control solutions for over 35 years, PAC has launched the new PAC8, an exceptionally compact, feature rich single door controller, managed entirely through an App with a secure Cloud back end.

PAC8 is a highly cost-effective access control solution not only in terms of pricing but, because it is App based, it removes the need for a PC to control the system. The significant quantity of cabling that is normally required to interconnect the controller to the PC is also subsequently eliminated. This of course also makes for ease of installation, further enhanced by the size of the controller itself, which fits in to a standard electrical back box allowing it to be mounted local to the door. Despite its compact size, PAC8 retains 90% of the features found in comparable PC based systems.

Using the App, which is available on Android and shortly to be released on iOS (iphones and ipads), the PAC8 controller is configured by the installer to match the customer’s requirement for the doors around the building. Once the engineer has set the system up, the customer can take control of it on their own App. 

Designed to be simple and fast, customers can readily add tokens to the access control system through the App in four simple steps: add the user’s name; click on the doors the user is to be allowed access to; scan the QR code on the token; press save. Each QR code is unique to that token and can only be read by the PAC8 App. These High-Frequency (HF) tokens utilise PAC’s Ops™ technology and are AES-128bit certified, making each token ultra secure.

Updates to the system can be transmitted to the controller via the App using Bluetooth when requested by the customer.

Ideal for commercial sites, PAC8 accommodates up to 250 tokens. Up to eight controllers can be managed as a single system from the same App. It is compatible with PAC’s GS3 High Frequency (HF) range of readers. Included with the PAC8 is cloud storage for database back up, which allows events to be viewed and exported.

For more information on PAC8, please go to http://pacgdx.com/products/pac-8-controller/, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call on +44 (0)161 406 3400.