PAC8 is an App based access control system with a cloud application used for securing, storing and managing system information such as but not limited to: - user names, user passwords, controller serial numbers and system events.  The cloud application is a fundamental part of the PAC8 system and is required for continued operation of the system.  PAC, who are a trading name of STANLEY Security Solutions provide the cloud application as part of a customer’s account creation for a period of 1 year.  At the end of this period, the customer is required to pay on a yearly basis £24 to PAC for the continuation of this service for each customer system.  Each customer system is classed as a single or group of up to 8 PAC8 controllers managed under a single customer log-in.  For further information relating to this pricing policy and other Terms and Conditions please refer to the PAC8 Privacy Statement which can be found on the website or following the link below: 

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