PAC’s 512 and 512IP controllers have been designed to provide a flexible configuration to help secure and monitor customer’s premises, capable of controlling the access through two individual doors with the option of having read in/out on both channels.  On-board relays are included for each door channel which can be configured to monitoring external devices such as door contacts or tamper circuits and a separate relay for controlling the door lock.  Designed with distributed intelligence all access decisions are made by the PAC 512/512IP controller, sustaining access decisions in the event of communication failure to the administration software.  Communication to the controlling software can be via GSM/GPRS or Telephone Modem by using an appropriate device connected via the RS232 port or direct to the PC by RS485, or IP.  The PAC 512/512IP controller can also be configured to provide local anti-passback to increase the security of key doors.  The PAC 512/512IP can control up to 23 additional PAC 512's via the built in RS485 connection, allowing a simple and speedy system expansion.

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