To complement our new 2-Wire PLE solution, GDX have designed a new 7” touchscreen video apartment station that adds innovation and ease of use to our door entry system. Supplied in stylish ABS housing with multiple rear cable entry points, the 7” screen provides clear and sharp images of the visitors requesting access. Overlaid with intuitive icons, the touchscreen presents options to answer calls, grant access or set privacy mode for residents who do not wish to be disturbed. 

The apartment station includes an integral speaker and microphone providing clear audio for both the resident and the visitor, as well as volume controls for the tenant to personalise the speech and the ringing volume. The apartment station works with a 2-Wire system that utilises a 2-Core 0.75mm cable to transmit both power and communications (video, audio and data).
By using this single cable type for all connections, the installation time and costs are reduced whilst ensuring security of a password protected IP based system. 

apartment station reduced min


Apartment station coming soon in 2018


Features of the apartment station

  • 7” screen provides high quality visitor images
  • Supplied in stylish and modern, white ABS housing
  • Touch sensitive icons overlaid on the 7” screen for door open and privacy function
  • All power and communications provided from a single 2-Core 0.75mm cable


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