The GDX7 Video handset complements the new GDX7 PLE Door Entry System by providing live-streamed video communications to residents. It comes with a 4.3” colour touchscreen in elegant white ABS housing and is connected to the GDX7 PLE line card by a single 0.75mm 2-Core cable. It is connected by a white curly cord, 2x RJ11 connections, and is used to remotely open the secured door to welcome visitors. Designed for flexibility and convenience, the GDX7 video handset comes with a number of features which can be easily personalised to suit the different preferences of each tenant.

Video handset with pic
                   Part Number: 1615523
               GDX7 PLE Video Handset

Video Handset Datasheet

Features of the video handset

  • Each handset is addressable with a unique name
  • 4.3” colour TFT screen for video communication
  • Privacy button to prevent unwanted calls
  • Button to remotely unlock the controlled entrance door
  • Door alarm indication - this indicates if the controlled door has been left open
  • Facility to connect external sounder/flashing beacon
  • Ringer volume, brightness and colour control
  • Cable entry points at the top and bottom of the handset

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