GDX7 Apartment Station

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To complement our new 2-Wire PLE solution, GDX have designed a new 7” touchscreen video apartment station that adds innovation and ease of use to our door entry system. Supplied in stylish ABS housing with multiple rear cable entry points, the 7” screen provides clear and sharp images of the visitors requesting access. Overlaid with intuitive icons, the touchscreen presents options to answer calls, grant access or set privacy mode for residents who do not wish to be disturbed. 

The apartment station includes an integral speaker and microphone providing clear audio for both the resident and the visitor, as well as volume controls for the tenant to personalise the speech and the ringing volume. The apartment station works with a 2-Wire system that utilises a 2-Core 0.75mm cable to transmit both power and communications (video, audio and data).
By using this single cable type for all connections, the installation time and costs are reduced whilst ensuring security of a password protected IP based system. 

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Apartment station coming soon in 2018


Features of the apartment station

  • 7” screen provides high quality visitor images
  • Supplied in stylish and modern, white ABS housing
  • Touch sensitive icons overlaid on the 7” screen for door open and privacy function
  • All power and communications provided from a single 2-Core 0.75mm cable


GDX7 Video Handset

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The GDX7 Video handset complements the new GDX7 PLE Door Entry System by providing live-streamed video communications to residents. It comes with a 4.3” colour touchscreen in elegant white ABS housing and is connected to the GDX7 PLE line card by a single 0.75mm 2-Core cable. It is connected by a white curly cord, 2x RJ11 connections, and is used to remotely open the secured door to welcome visitors. Designed for flexibility and convenience, the GDX7 video handset comes with a number of features which can be easily personalised to suit the different preferences of each tenant.

Video handset with pic
                   Part Number: 1615523
               GDX7 PLE Video Handset

Video Handset Datasheet

Features of the video handset

  • Each handset is addressable with a unique name
  • 4.3” colour TFT screen for video communication
  • Privacy button to prevent unwanted calls
  • Button to remotely unlock the controlled entrance door
  • Door alarm indication - this indicates if the controlled door has been left open
  • Facility to connect external sounder/flashing beacon
  • Ringer volume, brightness and colour control
  • Cable entry points at the top and bottom of the handset

GDX7 Interface Board

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The GDX7 PLE door entry system is designed to meet a growing number of requirements of many residential and commercial applications.
The interface board provides all connections on the secure side of the door, increasing security for all residents. It is supplied in small plastic housing which can be installed up to 3m above the door at high level, or in the back-box of the entrance panel*. All power is provided from the GDX7 PLE line card cabinet for the entrance panel, as well as the locking device*2.


Interface Board Datasheet

GDX7 Interface Board
Part Number: 1615525
GDX7 PLE Interface Board

Features of the interface board


  • Lock – normally open or normally closed jumper configuration
  • Door contact – normally closed
  • Fire switch – normally closed
  • Request-To-Exit – normally closed

* Visit for more information
*2 1-amp maximum current provided for the locking device


GDX7 8 Way Line Card

Part Number:

GDX7 8 way line card
    Part Number: 1615526 

    GDX7 8-Way Line Card
The GDX7 PLE 8 way Line Card is supplied in robust metal housing designed for mounting directly to the fabric of the building, complete with a 50 Watt PSU. The line card’s flexibility allows one entrance panel or one entrance panel and one back door reader* to be controlled, depending on the site’s requirements. The system can be easily expanded by linking together the line cards by a conventional RJ45 connection.

8-Way Line Card Datasheet

Features of the 8 way line card

  • Up to eight video handsets, apartment stations, or a combination of both can be connected
  • One entrance panel or one entrance panel and one back door reader*2 per line card


* Back door reader will be available 2018

GDX7 PLE Entrance Panel

Part Number:

The GDX7’s entrance panel boasts a range of features, whilst also meeting the requirements of Secured by Design*, making it exceptionally robust.
It has a fully integrated camera and LED’s that provide a live video of visitors when attempting to enter the property. The panel also provides a backlit LCD single line display for clear visitor information; simple on site programming; and optional integrated access control with either LF or HF*2  readers available.

It is constructed of high grade 316 stainless steel and can be personalised with numerous options such as touch sensitive buttons, Raster® Braille or high visibility bezels to enable easy access for all guests whilst meeting the Equality Act (DDA) requirements. The entrance panel is supplied with a flush mount back box or an optional surface mount*3 version to fit easily with any building or infrastructure.


new diagram

GDX7 PLE Entrance Panel Datasheet


Features of the Entrance Panel

  • Supplied with a metal flush back box with multiple cable entry points
  • Integrated camera and LED’s ensuring visitor visibility in many lighting conditions
  • Backlit LCD single line display

* Visit for more information
*2 High Frequency (HF) option available 2018
*3 Compact entrance panel only




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