The GDX5 Full range is designed for residential projects requiring control of multiple door entry panels.  The system can manage a maximum of 255 handsets with the option of central control from a concierge.  

The control equipment contains all of the necessary electronics, distribution and power supplies required for the installation utilising standard CW1308 telephone cable for all connections. The GDX5 Lite range of equipment provides a robust yet simple to install door entry system available in audio only and audio video plus options for integrated access.

The GDX5 range of handsets provide the resident with all the features and functionality required to control visitor access plus with the option to also be linked to a central concierge.  Manufactured in high gloss UL-rated plastic and meeting DDA requirements with tactile symbols and large 20mm LED illuminated buttons, the panels also come with engineer adjustable caller ringtone volume. The range of handsets can be connected to any GDX5 system requiring only 4 wires and with many options such as hard of hearing coupler and the ability to have a parallel handset connected, the GDX 5 range of handsets are ideal for any residential application. 
The GDX5 Full range of stylish, flush fitting, vandal resistant door entry panels have been designed for ease of installation.  All our panels include full duplex speech, 7 simultaneous speech channels as well as options of colour video of a caller and integral Indigo 1000 access control. Manufactured from high grade 12 SWG stainless steel and with many button options include touch sensitive and high visibility. The GDX5 Lite range of panels can include the address of the site and be provided with alpha numerical identification, Rastor Braille and inductive loop to meet DDA requirements.
The GDX 5 Full control equipment has been developed to provide all the features required in a flexible design, including the ability to have the entire system centrally controlled from a concierge location. All our control panels are supplied pre-wired in a standard enclosure containing all the power supplies for the system. The equipment is available to match the number of handsets on the system and the enclosures are supplied with a two high security key locks. 
Indigo 1000 is our access control system that can be fully integrated into any GDX5 Door Entry system or used standalone. When integrated into our door entry system there is no need for any additional control equipment as all administration is carried out on the entry panel. Capable of managing up to 1,000 user tokens per reader and with up to 40 readers per system, Indigo 1000 is a cost effective alternative to conventional access systems. With vandal, panel and internal reader options plus an interface for using 3rd party readers, Indigo can utilise any of the Indigo, STANLEY or PAC tokens.

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