The GDX 5 Full control equipment has been developed to provide all the features required in a flexible design, including the ability to have the entire system centrally controlled from a concierge location. All our control panels are supplied pre-wired in a standard enclosure containing all the power supplies for the system. The equipment is available to match the number of handsets on the system and the enclosures are supplied with a two high security key locks. 

GSM Modem Block Data Interface Unit, GSM Modem (1 Data) (2)

Part Number: 25740

VOIP Concierge Block Interface unit (1 Data, 1 Audio)

Part Number: 25700

The GDX5 Full High Rise range can be configured for a maximum of 7 audio channels – entrance panels or concierge.  Each high rise can include alarm inputs, foyer/lift intercoms and auxiliary output control cards.  The control equipment contains all of the necessary electronics, distribution and power supplies that can be split into distribution units to simplify and reduce wiring, depending on the architecture of the application.  An overall systems can then be designed using control equipment, door entrance panels and handsets as required.

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