Designed for commercial and educational applications.

Access Central is designed to support commercial and educational sectors with features and capabilities dedicated to supporting a wide range of applications from a single block premises to a large multi-site commercial or educational environment.

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Version: 5.0.33| Release date: 29th April 2020





       Features and Benefits


Keyholder Management

Details of keyholder records, their keys and access privilege

Wide range of Access Control functionality

Simple and advanced access control functions such as lift control, anti-passback or passage mode

Powerful Event to Action Engine

Event triggered rules for performing simple to complex tasks such as security lockdown, cctv camera actions or fire alarm muster.

Built in integration to other security applications

Integrations to applications such as DVRs, Active Directory, Control Rooms and Time & Attendance

Event, Audit trail, Alarm, Map Management & Reporting

Events describe system activities

• Audit trail tracks changes to system configuration
• Alarm highlight controlled activities within the system
• Maps track where activities are occurring within the system
• Reports to describe what has happened within the system

Powerful API to 3rd Party Applications

Allowing custom integrations to other applications

Browser Interface

A browser based user interface to deliver management functions across the customer’s network




       How to Download Access CentralTM


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Download Access Central below: 

Version: 5.0.33 | Release date: 29th April 2020

Download the ISO file (April 2020)

Download the ZIP file (April 2020)

Download the 7z ZIP file (April 2020)





Software Licences

 Download the PAC Access Central Features Table here


Access Central™ SE Edition Software

Part Number: 13490/1.00

SE edition

Access Central™ Professional Edition Software

Part Number: 13490/1.00

Professional edition

Active Directory Feature Pack

Part Number: 13494/1.00

Token Format Feature Pack

Part Number: 13495/1.00

Browser Interface Feature Pack

Part Number: 13493/1.00

PAC 212 Support Feature Pack

Part Number: 13492/1.00

PAC Oneprox™ GS3-MT Admin Kit

Part Number: 20115

Administration Kit for adding credentials in to PAC Access Central or EasiNet Residential Software.

• Includes USB cable for connecting to the PC and software CD with all relevant drivers
• The Admin Reader can also be used for connecting a PAC 512 or PAC 2000 series controller to the PC

Pre-configured PC with Access Central™

Part Number: 40402

(Including Desktop Administration reader 909020115)

• Dell Optiplex Micro PC
• Windows 10 pre-loaded with PAC Access
Central™ software
• 500GB Hard Disk
• Including PAC GS3-MT Admit Kit (909020115)

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