The PAC8™ is a true one-door controller providing a modern way of system installation and management via the dedicated PAC8 App. This smart, compact controller boasts 90% of the features normally only associated with PC-based systems. The PAC8 can be conveniently configured remotely on any mobile device via the App*. All system configuration is backed up in a secure cloud environment, including settings, keyholder information and events.

* Transfer of data from the cloud requires the mobile device be local to the PAC8

Follow these 5 easy steps to install a PAC8 system

Register as an installer

Register before installing the PAC8 system - you only need to register once.

Register as Installer

Download the PAC8 App

The app is used to setup and configure the PAC8 system. Make sure you download it beforehand so you're ready to configure it straight away - you only need to download it once.

Download PAC8 App

Create a customer account

Create an account for your customer and add their PAC8 controller(s) serial number to their system - this is completed on the cloud back-end.

Install the PAC8 controller and configure the system

Follow our helpful tutorial to install the PAC8 controller into your chosen site and configure the system.

Hand the system over to the customer

Give the customer control of the system to make changes and add tokens - this is completed on the cloud back-end.


The controller synchronises with the PAC8 app through a BLE Bluetooth connection. This updates the app with the events and updates the controller with configuration changes.
8 controllers can be added to a single system which can all be controlled using the PAC8 app.
The PAC8 system can hold up to 250 individual unique user tokens which are added in using the PAC8 app.
All the events collected on the controller are saved to the cloud and can be downloaded to the app when required.
The system is setup and configured using only the PAC8 app. It does not require the use of a computer to use the PAC8 Door Controller.
4 time profiles and 4 time periods for each profile can be personally set for each individual token holder to increase user flexibility.