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Turn your smartphone into your access control ID with the Architect range

The Architect range of RFID, NFC & Bluetooth™ readers turn your smart phone into your access control ID.

The Architect reader range is the perfect blend of high security, modular scalability and vandal-proof all-in-one product.

With increasing mobility in business systems, access control is shifting towards new uses and equipment.

Smartphone’s offer new possibilities for interacting with access control. It adds to user convenience, operational efficiency and high security.



 Features and Benefits of the Architect Range



Offering unrivalled levels of modular scalability, Architect can be configured to suit every application – from a single door to a fully integrated global internet-based system.



The Architect readers integrate directly with PAC & GDX hardware, the readers are also compatible with PAC & GDX HF cards and tokens for those who would prefer to use the traditional methods for access control.



An access control system needs to perfectly meet the requirements of the environment in which it is installed, and Architect offers five identification modes for a unique user experience.  



When using an Architect reader, PAC & GDX ensures the process is highly secure thanks to the implementation of encrypted SQL databases and an EAL5+ crypto processor. AES 256-bit SSL encryption is also employed at server level – the same grade used by banks and hospitals.



The ‘Architect-One’ and Architect-A’ readers come with a lifetime warranty, they have been designed to be used in a wide variety of environments and applications, these readers have a rugged design that makes them weather resistant, chemical resistant and able to self-extinguish in a fire, they are also vandal resistant to a certification of IK10.



The Architect readers are recyclable, furthermore, the use of smartphones as credentials reduces the need for physical tokens, which reduces inventory, as well as logistic and transport costs. 



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5 identification modes for a unique user experience


The virtual credential contributes to the Security Policy acceptance and adhesion in businesses, industries and governments. The STid Mobile ID® solution is so ergonomic that identification becomes instinctive for users.

The user can now open a door by placing his or her hand close to the access control reader. This action initializes the communication with the smartphone which will grant the access, even if the device is in standby mode or on a phone call.

STid Mobile ID® has been specially designed to make access control easy. You no longer need to take your smartphone out of your pocket or bag to identify yourself.

Choose your identification mode to make your access controls both secure and much more instinctive.





Virtual access card wallet


STid Mobile ID® receives and saves an unlimited number of virtual access cards on your mobile phone.


• Free virtual card with a unique and random CSN (card serial number) issued upon installation of the app.

• Option of linking up to 2 remote control buttons per card.

• Various virtual card types depending on your requirements.

• Possible to recover credits by revoking the secure virtual access card via our related Online tools.




Stid Mobile ID

Make your access control both secure and much more instinctive!

STid Mobile ID® brings the access badge onto Android™ and iOS® smartphones. It can work alongside, extend or replace traditional RFID access credentials. The smart solution includes a free mobile app, the latest generation of multi-technologies Architect® Blue readers and Online programming tools.



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The Five Identification Modes

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You can select different access modes to make your entry instinctive, you don't even have to take your phone out of your pocket with the hands free mode! 

Rugged Design

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The Architect Readers not only allow your smartphone to grant you entry, they also have a rugged design and are weather resistant, chemical resistant, able to self-extinguish in a fire and vandal resistant to a certification of IK10.

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