Designed specifically for the residential housing sector, EasiNet Residential software is ideal for sites where housing managers and staff have the constant worry of controlling tenants' access to low rise or high rise blocks of flats, or specific areas.  Based upon the same software building blocks as PAC SecureNet, EasiNet Residential can be easily configured to control access to the residents buildings.  With intuitive wizards designed to allow quick amendments to the systems and now with a browser interface, residents and staff can be quickly added or their records amended. Available in two versions and offering easy upgrade methods, EasiNet Residential can be easily expanded as and when required.  With multiple communication methods, including GPRS, remote sites can be controlled and monitored to provide vital information on token usage, and used to produce key reports. EasiNet Residential has been designed to work with our PAC 512 and PAC 512IP controllers as well as to offer support for both the legacy EK1000 and PAC 21/2200 controllers. Additionally, our new PAC 212 controller can also be easily integrated providing a complete range of controllers to suit all applications.


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EasiNet Residential Professional

Part Number: 52915

EasiNet Residential Professional comes with support for:
• 750 Doors
• 500 Dial-up Channels
• 100 Direct Channels
• 25 Org Units

EasiNet Residential 10 dialup channel

Part Number: 13967

• Extra 10 ial-up channels

EasiNet Residential 50 dialup channel

Part Number: 13968

• Extra 50 dial-up channels

EasiNet Residential 10 door pack

Part Number: 13969

• Extra 10 door pack

EasiNet Residential 50 Door Pack

Part Number: 13970

• Extra 50 door pack

EasiNet Residential Software V4.3.271

Part Number: 52909

EasiNet Residential comes with support for:
• 200 Doors
• 50 Dial-up Channels
• 50 Direct Channels
• PAC 21/2200 and Easikey 1000 support

Additional Client PC Upgrade V4.3.271

Part Number: 52910

• Additional Client PC upgrade

PAC Oneprox™ GS3-MT Admin Kit

Part Number: 20115

• Administration Kit for adding credentials in to PAC SecureNet or EasiNet Residential Software
• Includes USB cable for connecting to the PC and software CD with all relevant drivers
• The MT reader has been designed to read PAC, STANLEY, KeyPAC, PAC Ops, MIFARE and DESFire EV1 plus many Wiegand credentials
• If using a Magnetic stripe reader or other 3rd part Wiegand reader, connections are provided on the rear of the reader
• The Admin Reader can also be used for connecting a PAC 512 or PAC 2000 series controller to the PC
NOTE: If using to connect to a PAC 512 series or PAC 512 Controller additional line driver will be required.

Pre-loaded PC with EasiNet Residential

Part Number: 40403

• Dell Optiplex 3020m Micro PC, Intel Dual Core 2.8Ghz 3Mb w/HD Graphics
• Windows 8.1 pre-loaded with PAC EasiNet Residential software
• 500Gb 2.5" Serial ADA (7

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