The GDX.Net software allows control of the GDX5 Door Entry or Indigo systems by providing control and administration of all functionality within the door entry and access control system.  Designed specifically for the residential sector, all fields have been tailored to match the application such as tenant’s information.  The GDX.Net software provides various functionality dependant on the application such as Door Entry Call Control, Alarm Monitoring Facilities, Event Logging and System Diagnostics.  Unique to GDX.Net is the single database for both the tenant and token information, allowing detailed reports to be generated from a single system.

GSM Modem Block Data Interface Unit, GSM Modem (1 Data)

Part Number: 25740

VOIP BT/DECT Concierge Desk Telephone handset Interface Unit (1 Audio)VOIP BT/DECT Concierge Desk Telephone handset Interface Unit (1 Audio)

Part Number: 25715

VOIP Concierge Desk Telephone handset Interface Unit (1 Audio)

Part Number: 25710

VOIP Concierge Block Interface unit (1 Data, 7 Audio)

Part Number: 25705

VOIP Concierge Block Interface unit (1 Data, 1 Audio)

Part Number: 25700

PC - Administration only

Part Number: 25100

PC - Single/Multi User Touchscreen Workstation

Part Number: 25110

PC - Single/Multi User TFT Monitor Workstation

Part Number: 25120

PC - CD Rom of GDX Manager Administration Software

Part Number: 25121

Indigo 1000 Desk Top Reader

Part Number: 132

PAC Oneprox™ GS3-MT Admin Kit

Part Number: 20115

• Administration Kit for adding credentials in to PAC SecureNet or EasiNet Residential Software
• Includes USB cable for connecting to the PC and software CD with all relevant drivers
• The MT reader has been designed to read PAC, STANLEY, KeyPAC, PAC Ops, MIFARE and DESFire EV1 plus many Wiegand credentials
• If using a Magnetic stripe reader or other 3rd part Wiegand reader, connections are provided on the rear of the reader
• The Admin Reader can also be used for connecting a PAC 512 or PAC 2000 series controller to the PC
NOTE: If using to connect to a PAC 512 series or PAC 512 Controller additional line driver will be required.

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