Comelit Group acquires PAC & GDX to Offer Global “One Stop Shop” for Integrated Security Solutions

Comelit Group UK, a leading manufacturer of access control and door entry solutions has announced its acquisition of PAC GDX.

Led in the UK by Managing Director, Francesca Boeris, Comelit-PAC will benefit from the best technologies, technical development and economies of scale to focus on product development, manufacturing and specification for the residential, education and commercial sectors.

“This is an exciting time for Comelit together with PAC GDX.  Combined, we want to provide our installers and commercial partners with a complete solution for everything related to the low voltage package. From video door entry systems to CCTV to fire detection systems, from anti-intrusion to home automation and now networked access control.  Moreover, everything can be integrated together.

PAC GDX is known for its impressive market presence and a very experienced team. Together we are stronger and current partners in the market will benefit from our heavy investment in areas such as research and development, an enhanced service offering and increased support in delivering innovative new products. The plan for us is to continue its great work and support and further develop existing routes to market as well as discover new opportunities for security and fire safety.” Says Francesca

Further investment into a new modern 12,500 sqft Manchester office, which will be the new home for the PAC GDX division, complementing Comelit-Pac’s office, state-of-the-art training facilities and warehousing in Luton.

Steve Riley, Comelit-PAC’s newly appointed Business Division Director added: “We know how strong Comelit’s current offering is and we’re excited about the synergies of combining forces.  Comelit-PAC presents an all-encompassing solution, enabling our team to work with customer’s right from initial design and specification through to project completion, utilising a complete smart product portfolio.  We are looking forward to the opportunities for our customers, new and existing, and market as a whole with our new proposition.”

Justin Hawkesford, Operations Director adds: “Anyone who turns to Comelit-PAC can speak to a product specialist and create their own standalone or integrated system in security and fire safety, with confidence in our already established focus on reliability, scalability, futureproof technology and design.”

Comelit -PAC is encouraging all customers to continue as “business as usual.”

For more information, please contact us : [email protected]  or +44 (0) 161 406 3400



Type of Integration: Biometrics

Software: ievo

Description: The integration between ievo fingerprint readers and PAC access control provides a secure and scalable biometric solution suitable for your access control needs. The ievo biometric range of readers comes complete with a PAC output enabling direct connection to any of the PAC 511 and 512 series of controllers and is CPNI certified. The ievo readers have been designed after many years of research by a team of professionals who have been at the cutting edge of biometric deployment, installation, and integration and they are guaranteed to work accurately, with a strong emphasis on efficiency and reliability.

Key benefits & features when integrated with Comelit-PAC:

  • ievo biometric readers are compatible with any PAC 511 and 512 series controllers
  • ievo biometric readers support the use of users fingerprints as a credential
  • ievo biometric readers can be used at a point of entry to verify users via their fingerprint
  • All compatible ievo readers are fully integrated with Access Central™ management software enabling them to be easily incorporated within a new or existing PAC access control system

Additional costs: n/a

PAC Compatibility: Access Central™ v5.4

Languages available: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch.

How to buy/Contact: Please contact [email protected] or call +44 (0) 1707 377203 to buy compatible ievo products.


Type of Integration: Visitor Management

Software: EntrySign

Description: EntrySign is an easy, simple, and smart Visitor Management system. Designed for and installed in small to large organisations across the UK and worldwide. EntrySign is suitable for a multitude of industry solutions including education, healthcare, industrial, commercial, and public sector. Available as a self-contained standalone kiosk, or as a desk or wall-mounted solution, EntrySign simplifies your sign-in process, reduces administration, improves health and safety, safeguarding and security. EntrySign seamlessly integrates with PAC access control systems and is the perfect addition for a truly integrated solution.

Key benefits & features when integrated with Comelit-PAC:

  • Share RFID card/fob technology between EntrySign and PAC access control solutions
  • Push users from EntrySign > Access Central™
  • Pull users from Access Central™ > EntrySign
  • Push credentials from EntrySign > Access Central™
  • Pull credentials from Access Central™ > EntrySign
  • Open doors/speed lanes/barriers
  • Issue one-time access control links
  • Pre-book visitors and contractors
  • Receive visitor arrival notification via email/SMS
  • Contactless sign in via QR code

Additional costs: n/a

PAC Compatibility: Access Central™ v5.4

Languages available: English (UK), English (US), French, German, Italian, Dutch, Japanese, Latvian, Arabic, Spanish, Spanish Latin, Welsh, and Urdu. Other languages available upon request.

How to buy/Contact: Please contact Osborne Technologies at [email protected] for any orders or queries. Alternatively visit EntrySign website or call +44 (0)1226 295455.


Type of Integration: Thermal Monitoring

Software: Dahua

Description: PAC’s long-standing tradition of security integration is now extended to the Dahua Temperature Monitoring Terminal, which has functionality to check a person’s temperature and determine if a face mask is being worn when entering a building or area. The ability to secure the building and protect the occupants is a true value add for customers planning strategies in times when minimising the risk of infection and preventing the spread of the virus are critical. The recommended means of installation ensures that access rights for individuals can be dynamically managed. Taking an output from the Dahua Thermal Monitoring Terminal into the PAC access control system will withdraw access rights for anyone who does not meet the user configured thresholds.

Key benefits & features when integrated with Comelit-PAC:

    • Enables a single access control system for management of all secured areas/entrances
    • Supporting the Dahua temperature and mask checking functionalities before enabling use of the PAC access control credential to unlock the secured entrance
    • Enables clear demarcation of building controls as the PAC access control system is used for all access control and the Dahua Thermal Monitoring Terminal is used as added check for temperature and mask wearing

Additional costs: n/a

PAC Compatibility: Access Central™ v5.4

Languages available: English

How to buy/Contact: Please visit Where to Buy – Dahua Technology ( for more details on how to buy.

Title Here.

Digital ID

Swiftpro K30D Retransfer Card Printer

Partner function: Application encoding on ISO prox. cards and ID badge printing

Partner: Digital ID

Description: The Swiftpro K30D retransfer card printer has an outstanding print quality for single and double sided printing with 300dpi printing density. The ultra-fast Swiftpro K30D printer is available with contact and contactless smart code encoding technologies and 100-card input and output hoppers, with an optional 250-card input hopper upgrade.

Widely used throughout Education, Healthcare, Government, Corporate, Retail, Finance, Transport, Residential market sectors.

Key product benefits & features:

  • Easily add authentication applications to PAC OPS™ credentials via built-in encoding solution.
  • Windows compatible software.
  • High Resolution 300dpi printing on ISO proximity cards.
  • 3-year product warranty and lifetime warranty on the print head.
  • Compliant with UL, CE, FCC, KC, CCC, CSA

Security features:

  • Ribbon erase function prevents leakage of personal information.
  • IPSec Security for Secure Data Encryption IPv6 and IPv4.
  • Secure lock for input hopper and supplied/front door housing.

Additional costs: n/a

How to buy/Contact: Please contact [email protected] or call +1 732-271-7369.

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